Day 8 – Waterton Lakes, Alta. to Fernie, B.C. (324 km)

Day 8 – Waterton Lakes, Alta. to Fernie, B.C. (324 km)

Day eight. Waterton Lakes, Alta. to Fernie, B.C., an easier day of driving than the last 2 days! Woke up to a cold and drizzly morning in Waterton and had to pack our stuff wet. Lots of smoke from the BC fires everywhere. It’s like the worst smog you have ever seen! Needless to say, there is a total fire ban everywhere and no ATV’s are allowed in the back country either. The mountain shots are kind of crappy due to the smoke (check out the timelapse to see what we mean.

Anyways, we moved out to Fernie and it is one awesome town! If you are into mountain biking this place is definitely for you! We would like to see it in the good weather. Richard, for one, wants to move there now!

Setting up camp in Fernie.

Jon waxes philosophical on the rain in Fernie

Daily timelapse…

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2 years ago

So, all those years, we blame the sudden appearance of the rain clouds on my offers to drive. Turns out, it was actually you Jon, teacher/rain god.