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Epic 2017

Day 17 – Kelowna to Alta Lake State Park, Washington (273 km)

By August 17, 2017January 4th, 20212 Comments

Day seventeen, Kelowna to Alta Lake State Park.  Jon is excited to get going after his sojourn in Kelowna so we headed for the US border bound for Washington and Alta Lake State Park which is in the middle of the state. It is a beautiful oasis in the middle of some pretty harsh country and we swam and had an interesting dinner after we found out there was no charcoal fires allowed (or any other kind of fires for that matter) so we had to improvise something on the trusty Coleman stove. We also replaced our shitty cooler with a ‘Coleman Extreme 70 liter’ as we were burning through ice like crazy! his cooler claims that we can keep ice frozen for 5 days (we’ll let you know).

Tomorrow we are off to southern Washington, down eventually into Washington to view the SOLAR ECLIPSE, so we are off to try to get to the path of TOTALITY! We don’t have reservations, so we’ll let you know what happens – stay tuned to this station.

Roadside taco stand outside Osoyoos (delicious – 5 Stars!!).
Jon digs in!.
Our campsite #41 at Alta Lake State Forest..
Swimming area at Alta Lake..
Jon the MasterChef – SqueezeOn!.
>Roadside taco stand outside Osoyoos (delicious – 5 Stars!!).

Nice stars in the desert..

Daily time lapse… (coming soon when I can get some WIFI!)

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Mum and Don
Mum and Don
5 years ago

Wonderful! We are loving the photos and your blogs. Can’t wait to see the next episode. Love to you both. Be safe.❤️❤️

5 years ago

Next time I’m in Kelowna, I’m driving to that taco stand!