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Epic 2017

Day 22 – Lake Harriet in Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon (20 KM)

By August 22, 2017January 5th, 2021One Comment

Day Twenty Two, Lake Harriet in Mount Hood National Forest.  We decided to spend a day in the Mount Hood National Forest camping at Lake Harriet, one COLD glacier-fed lake! You can’t swim here without a wet suit but it is good for cooling your beer.  We had a fairly decent spot with a tumbling waterfall across the road but the best spots are the ones beside the river which were occupied given the time of the year.

When we got up, we took a trip into Sandy to get supplies and then we were off to investigate the Bagby Hot Springs. The hot springs are a definite attraction for young and old alike and we took a dip in one of the tubs, unfortunately without pictures, due to the water all over the place. The pathway leading to the springs is an amazing 1.4 mile hike through mostly old-growth rain forest which for my money is as cool as the hot springs themselves.

Jon setting up at Lake Harriet.

Hmmm… should I eat this or should it go back in the cooler.

Sunset over Lake Harriet.
River from Timothy Lake that flows into Harriet Lake.

That’s one old Douglas Fir.

Patrons wait at the private baths at Bagby Hot Springs.

That water is nice and hot!.

River frolicking on the way to the hot springs..

Jon looks over the real estate..

Daily time lapse…

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Mum and Don
Mum and Don
5 years ago

Awesome! So happy you are having such an amazing adventure.❤️