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Epic 2017

Day 24 – Rest day at Nehalem State Park (0 KM)

By August 24, 2017January 4th, 2021One Comment

Day Twenty Four, rest day in Nehelam State Park.  Got up and had breakfast and noticed we had a flat tire, so we went into Manzanita to see if Scovel’s repair shop can fix the it. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until tomorrow when Andy comes in because we need it fixed before we can move on to Portland on Friday. To kill some time we did a 52 km ride around the area and went to the Nehalem Falls which are kind of lame, but the surrounding area is beautiful.

Jon and I had a nice walk on the beautiful beach here in Nehalem Bay in the afternoon and just generally relaxed, though it’s hard to get comfortable here as the weather is quite chilly day and night. The wind blows off the ocean and really moderates the temperature to an uncomfortable degree so we were well bundled up most of the time.

Richard changes the tire.

Nehalem river – really nice and peaceful.

Oh, the irony!
Tide is going out.

Comrade Trumpski is not loved by everyone in his base.

This guy (see below) doesn’t like Trumpski either.

Up yours – Trump!

Crowded campsites at Nehelam Bay State Park.

Beautiful beach featuring wild dunes.

Jon talks strategy with the kite surfing dudes.

We made it to the pacific at last!.

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5 years ago

Still loving your photos and descriptive comments. Just received a lovely call from Spencer. Looking forward to your next episode.❤️