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Forsaken Country

Forsaken Country
Published: 2022-09-20
Three fathers collide far beyond the reach or safety of the law in this breathtaking new thriller from the bestselling and beloved author of The Stolen Hours and The Life We Bury. Max Rupert has left his position as a Minneapolis homicide detective to live in solitude. Mourning the tragic death of his wife, he's also racked by guilt--he alone knows what happened to her killer. But then the former local sheriff, Lyle, arrives with a desperate plea: Lyle's daughter Sandy and his six-year-old grandson Pip have disappeared. Lyle's certain Sandy's ex-husband Reed is behind it, but the new sheriff is refusing to investigate. When Max reluctantly looks into their disappearance, he too becomes convinced something has gone very wrong. But the closer Max and Lyle get to finding proof, the more slippery Reed becomes, until he makes a break for the vast Boundary Waters wilderness with vulnerable Pip in tow. On the heels of the most dangerous kind of criminal--a desperate father--Max and Lyle race to find out what has happened to Sandy, and to bring Pip home alive.

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